ZJDGFT  - Status of IEC Applications
(Applications received in last 30 days)


File No File Date Exporter Name Status
040413000031AM16 10-04-2015 1LY FOR YOU IEC Letter Printed
040413000642AM16 02-06-2015 2A EXPORTS B. ARUN PRASATH File Number Generated
040413000577AM16 28-05-2015 3DSCULPTO IEC Letter Printed
040413000384AM16 12-05-2015 925 IMPEX Data Modified
040413000100AM16 20-04-2015 A. INBASEKAR IEC Letter Printed
040413000526AM16 25-05-2015 A. KOLANDHA MUDALIAR TEXWIN IEC Letter Printed
040413000354AM16 08-05-2015 A. LOURDURAJ Wrongly MArked
040413000295AM16 06-05-2015 A.D EXPORTS & IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000588AM16 29-05-2015 A.K. STEELS File Number Generated
040413000408AM16 14-05-2015 A.M.LEATHERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000253AM16 30-04-2015 A.P. EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000099AM16 20-04-2015 A.P.K ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000323AM16 07-05-2015 A.R. STEELS File Number Generated
040413000324AM16 07-05-2015 A.R. STEELS IEC Letter Printed
040413000636AM16 01-06-2015 A1 EXPORTS TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000313AM16 06-05-2015 AABHOOSHAN IEC Letter Printed
040413000318AM16 06-05-2015 AAKASH INFOTECH IEC Letter Printed
040413000035AM16 10-04-2015 AAMAI IEC Letter Printed
040413000596AM16 29-05-2015 AARAA EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000600AM16 29-05-2015 AASIFE & BROTHERS File Number Generated
040413000423AM16 15-05-2015 AATHY EXPORTS Wrongly MArked
040413000133AM16 22-04-2015 ABHI AUTO PRODUCTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000271AM16 01-05-2015 ACCORD LEATHERS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000259AM16 01-05-2015 ACCURATE AUTOMATION & CONTROL IEC Letter Printed
040413000296AM16 06-05-2015 ACE ANTENNA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000107AM16 20-04-2015 ACONS ROYAL CLUBS AND RESORTS PRIVATE LTD Rejection Letter Printed
040413000351AM16 08-05-2015 ADIL TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000338AM16 08-05-2015 ADITYARAM PROPERTIES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000522AM16 25-05-2015 ADROIT TRADING Application Cancelled
040413000523AM16 25-05-2015 ADROIT TRADING IEC Letter Printed
040413000242AM16 30-04-2015 AE GLOBAL TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000206AM16 27-04-2015 AGARWAL WELDING CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000364AM16 11-05-2015 AGNI POOVUV AQUA MARINE IEC Letter Printed
040413000234AM16 29-04-2015 AGR ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000069AM16 16-04-2015 AGRIYA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000070AM16 16-04-2015 AIM WATER TREATMENT IEC Letter Printed
040413000542AM16 26-05-2015 AJU EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000518AM16 25-05-2015 AKK EXPORTSQ IEC Letter Printed
040413000071AM16 16-04-2015 ALAMAR EXPORTS Application Cancelled
040413000072AM16 16-04-2015 ALAMAR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000497AM16 21-05-2015 ALCO INSPECTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000353AM16 08-05-2015 AL-FATTAH IMPORT & EXPORT File Number Generated
040413000516AM16 25-05-2015 ALTACOP TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000454AM16 19-05-2015 AMAAYA HEALTHTECH IEC Letter Printed
040413000559AM16 27-05-2015 AMAZING GRACE IMPORTS & EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000020AM16 09-04-2015 AMBIGHA AGRO EXPORT Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000176AM16 24-04-2015 AMDIP COMMODITIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000230AM16 29-04-2015 AMR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000450AM16 18-05-2015 ANANDA SAR VASENDRA IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000251AM16 30-04-2015 ANANDA VIKATAN PRINTERS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000502AM16 22-05-2015 ANM TRAADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000434AM16 15-05-2015 ANPM ENGIVEERING IEC Letter Printed
040413000341AM16 08-05-2015 APEX LEDER EXIM IEC Generated
040413000568AM16 27-05-2015 APK EXPORT IMPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000101AM16 20-04-2015 AR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000102AM16 20-04-2015 ARCHARD OIL IMPEX PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000126AM16 21-04-2015 ARJ GLOBAL TRADING COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000554AM16 27-05-2015 ARK TOURS AND TRAVELS File Number Generated
040413000304AM16 06-05-2015 ARLO ENTERPRISES INDIA PVT. LTD. IEC Letter Printed
040413000355AM16 08-05-2015 ARUL FOODS Wrongly MArked
040413000019AM16 09-04-2015 ARUL FOODS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000671AM16 02-06-2015 ARUNA EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000044AM16 13-04-2015 ASCENDANT IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000008AM16 07-04-2015 ASHOKA EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000459AM16 19-05-2015 ASHTRAL BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000680AM16 03-06-2015 ASK EXPORT & IMPORT AGENCY File Number Generated
040413000595AM16 29-05-2015 ASMA EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000043AM16 13-04-2015 ASPAC TELETRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000276AM16 05-05-2015 ASTER IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000167AM16 23-04-2015 ATOZE Data Modified
040413000665AM16 02-06-2015 ATTIS FOODS PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000115AM16 21-04-2015 AURA INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT AND PROJECTS P LTD., IEC Letter Printed
040413000659AM16 02-06-2015 AURA TECHNOLOGY File Number Generated
040413000073AM16 16-04-2015 AUTO TECTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000003AM16 06-04-2015 AV EXPORT Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000011AM16 08-04-2015 AVANTRINO INFO TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000491AM16 21-05-2015 AZHAR LEATHER COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000419AM16 14-05-2015 B VINODH KUMAR IEC Letter Printed
040413000328AM16 07-05-2015 BAGHAVAN AGRO FARMS Data Modified
040413000095AM16 20-04-2015 BALAJI CATTE FEED Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000373AM16 11-05-2015 BAMA EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000666AM16 02-06-2015 BANANA FIBRE RESEARCH FOUNDATION File Number Generated
040413000143AM16 22-04-2015 BARATH ELECTRIC IEC Letter Printed
040413000524AM16 25-05-2015 BCB EXPORT IMPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000679AM16 03-06-2015 BG FURNACES INDIA PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000212AM16 28-04-2015 BGR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000036AM16 10-04-2015 BGS FACILITY SERVICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000108AM16 20-04-2015 BHARATH DIESEL PUMPS & ELECTRICAL SERVICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000546AM16 26-05-2015 BHAVAAN A.G. IEC Letter Printed
040413000370AM16 11-05-2015 BHAWARLAL AGENCIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000260AM16 01-05-2015 BHRAMMA CINE CREATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000627AM16 01-06-2015 BLUE OCEAN ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000098AM16 20-04-2015 BLUGEM EXPORTS & IMPORTS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000610AM16 01-06-2015 BM ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000394AM16 13-05-2015 BOOMIBALAN EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000629AM16 01-06-2015 BRIGHTSUN LEATHERS File Number Generated
040413000385AM16 12-05-2015 BURAK IEC Letter Printed
040413000199AM16 27-04-2015 BVS IEC Letter Printed
040413000572AM16 28-05-2015 C C EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000599AM16 29-05-2015 C K ENGINEERING File Number Generated
040413000547AM16 26-05-2015 C7 GLOBALS IEC Letter Printed
040413000548AM16 26-05-2015 CBJ ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000556AM16 27-05-2015 CDBYTE INFO PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000056AM16 15-04-2015 CEDILLA COMMUNICATIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000265AM16 01-05-2015 CHENNAI ENGINEERING SERVICES Rejection Letter Printed
040413000570AM16 28-05-2015 CHENNAI PULP AND PAPER BOARDS CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000412AM16 14-05-2015 CHETANA CHARITABLE TRUST IEC Letter Printed
040413000612AM16 01-06-2015 CHITTAL PAPER COMPANY File Number Generated
040413000500AM16 22-05-2015 CHRISTY INTERNATIONALS IEC Letter Printed
040413000366AM16 11-05-2015 CITIZEN SIGNS IEC Letter Printed
040413000505AM16 22-05-2015 CLARUS ENGINEERING SERVICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000657AM16 02-06-2015 CLARUS RCM INFOTECH (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED File Number Generated
040413000254AM16 30-04-2015 CLINISYS MEDICAL SYSTEMS IEC Letter Printed
040413000399AM16 13-05-2015 CLOUDCHERRY ANALYTICS PRIVATE LIMITED File Number Generated
040413000508AM16 22-05-2015 CLOUDEV TECH IEC Letter Printed
040413000021AM16 09-04-2015 CMOS DOTCOM Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000309AM16 06-05-2015 CODE LOGIC SOLUTIONS LLP IEC Letter Printed
040413000561AM16 27-05-2015 COLOR COAT INTERIORS File Number Generated
040413000298AM16 06-05-2015 COLOURFUL INDIA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000396AM16 13-05-2015 CONGO TOOLS IEC Letter Printed
040413000534AM16 26-05-2015 CONNECTZ EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000691AM16 03-06-2015 CREDIBLE GLOBAL Application Cancelled
040413000696AM16 03-06-2015 CREDIBLE GLOBAL File Number Generated
040413000531AM16 26-05-2015 CRESCENT TOURS AND TRAVELS IEC Letter Printed
040413000262AM16 01-05-2015 CS AND COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000118AM16 21-04-2015 CUBE FASHIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000332AM16 07-05-2015 CUSG EPIC SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000597AM16 29-05-2015 D. GEETHA ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000151AM16 23-04-2015 D.K.EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000510AM16 22-05-2015 D.R. ELECTRICALS IEC Letter Printed
040413000322AM16 07-05-2015 D.S. EXPORTERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000656AM16 02-06-2015 DANA FASHION ARTICLES TRADE PVT LTD, File Number Generated
040413000692AM16 03-06-2015 DANY INDUSTRIES File Number Generated
040413000144AM16 22-04-2015 DAVID ALEXANDER DEVA SUNDARAM IEC Letter Printed
040413000121AM16 21-04-2015 DAZZLE ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000378AM16 12-05-2015 DD EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000085AM16 17-04-2015 DE FOUR SEASONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000329AM16 07-05-2015 DEE DEE ENGINEERING ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000327AM16 07-05-2015 DEEJAY EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000383AM16 12-05-2015 DEEL EXPORT IMPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000116AM16 21-04-2015 DEEN IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000172AM16 24-04-2015 DENTAL PRIMARY Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000170AM16 24-04-2015 DHANYA TRADERS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000443AM16 18-05-2015 DHARAN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000628AM16 01-06-2015 DHARMARAJ EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000631AM16 01-06-2015 DHARMARAJ EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000088AM16 17-04-2015 DISCOVERY COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000499AM16 22-05-2015 DK ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000445AM16 18-05-2015 DN LEATHER SOLUTIONS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000184AM16 24-04-2015 DOT OVERSEAS IEC Letter Printed
040413000340AM16 08-05-2015 DOUBLE HORSES EXPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000179AM16 24-04-2015 DOUBLE LEAF EXPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000660AM16 02-06-2015 DR. A.G. RAMESH NEW NO.42 2ND MAIN ROAD File Number Generated
040413000347AM16 08-05-2015 DRS EXIM INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000387AM16 12-05-2015 DUKANE INTELLIGENT ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Application Cancelled
040413000224AM16 29-04-2015 DUKES ENGINEERS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000321AM16 07-05-2015 DWARAKA EXIM INDIA PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000515AM16 25-05-2015 E. SELVAN SILKSAND SAREES IEC Letter Printed
040413000623AM16 01-06-2015 EASTMAN INDIA EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000578AM16 28-05-2015 ECSOFT SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000690AM16 03-06-2015 ELCON & LEKAA MACHINE File Number Generated
040413000687AM16 03-06-2015 ELECTRON TECH File Number Generated
040413000694AM16 03-06-2015 ELEGANT IMPORT AND EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000335AM16 07-05-2015 E-MAX TECHNOLOGIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000293AM16 05-05-2015 ENGLISH CLASSICS (INDIA) IEC Letter Printed
040413000380AM16 12-05-2015 ENTHAN EXIM PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000527AM16 25-05-2015 ESSAAR INSTRUMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000282AM16 05-05-2015 ESUN INTERNATIONAL EXPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000089AM16 17-04-2015 ETM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000082AM16 17-04-2015 EVER BUZZ SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000177AM16 24-04-2015 EVER ELECTRIC ENERGY IEC Letter Printed
040413000153AM16 23-04-2015 EVEREST & CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000074AM16 16-04-2015 EXCALIBUR OFFICE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000448AM16 18-05-2015 EXCEL EXPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000555AM16 27-05-2015 EXEED ENGINEERS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED File Number Generated
040413000683AM16 03-06-2015 EXTEK File Number Generated
040413000682AM16 03-06-2015 EXTEK NO.5 Application Cancelled
040413000201AM16 27-04-2015 EYEMAGE PHOTO ART IEC Letter Printed
040413000478AM16 20-05-2015 FABICO TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000084AM16 17-04-2015 FABRIQUE LAUNOROMAT SERVICES PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000106AM16 20-04-2015 FAMAK PROMOTERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000174AM16 24-04-2015 FAR EAST CORPORTATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000582AM16 28-05-2015 FETTLE BIO PRODUCTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000592AM16 29-05-2015 FIRST STEP File Number Generated
040413000285AM16 05-05-2015 FIRSTMAN IEC Letter Printed
040413000266AM16 01-05-2015 FM GLOBAL LOGISTICS ( INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000122AM16 21-04-2015 FMS LEATHER EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000284AM16 05-05-2015 FOAM DESIGNERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000097AM16 20-04-2015 FOGO INDUSTRIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000602AM16 29-05-2015 FORTUNE IMPORTS File Number Generated
040413000640AM16 02-06-2015 FREAKY & FUNKY File Number Generated
040413000333AM16 07-05-2015 FREEZING POINT IEC Letter Printed
040413000456AM16 19-05-2015 FRESHING EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000142AM16 22-04-2015 FRIGATE EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000319AM16 07-05-2015 FUSION POINT MEDIA SERVICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000203AM16 27-04-2015 FUTURE 1 ELECTRONICS IEC Letter Printed
040413000557AM16 27-05-2015 G. NATARAJAN File Number Generated
040413000086AM16 17-04-2015 G.D. EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000204AM16 27-04-2015 G.K.PROFILES IEC Letter Printed
040413000470AM16 20-05-2015 GANGA LUNCHI CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000549AM16 26-05-2015 GEB EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000477AM16 20-05-2015 GEETHA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000359AM16 08-05-2015 GEHNA GEMS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000207AM16 27-04-2015 GENETECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000140AM16 22-04-2015 GHAYATHIRI EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000368AM16 11-05-2015 GINI INC IEC Letter Printed
040413000401AM16 13-05-2015 GK EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000267AM16 01-05-2015 GKM METAL FINISHERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000446AM16 18-05-2015 GKS SHAILENDRAE ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000428AM16 15-05-2015 GKT LUNGI COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000195AM16 27-04-2015 GLOBAL ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000037AM16 10-04-2015 GLORY POWER SOLUTIONS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000219AM16 28-04-2015 GOKUL IMPORT & IMPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000563AM16 27-05-2015 GOLD BELL INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000081AM16 17-04-2015 GOLD MINE ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000337AM16 07-05-2015 GOLDEN MIST PLANTATION AND RESORTS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000302AM16 06-05-2015 GOLDPALM INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED (OPC) IEC Letter Printed
040413000046AM16 13-04-2015 GOVINDHAM EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000063AM16 16-04-2015 GRAND BERRY TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000062AM16 16-04-2015 GRAPHIC DESIGNS IEC Letter Printed
040413000148AM16 23-04-2015 GREEN CHANNEL EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000226AM16 29-04-2015 GREEN TECH IEC Letter Printed
040413000532AM16 26-05-2015 GREENWICH TRADING Data Modified
040413000539AM16 26-05-2015 GREENY SHIELD IEC Letter Printed
040413000436AM16 18-05-2015 GRENATURE BIO TECH PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000006AM16 07-04-2015 GRILL TECH Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000667AM16 02-06-2015 GRILL - TECH File Number Generated
040413000202AM16 27-04-2015 GRN GLOBAL EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000587AM16 29-05-2015 GRW GLOBAL EXPO File Number Generated
040413000213AM16 28-04-2015 GSE FILTER PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000390AM16 12-05-2015 GULF EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000425AM16 15-05-2015 H.S. ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000009AM16 07-04-2015 HAASHIKA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000159AM16 23-04-2015 HAMFAR OVERSEAS & MARKETING IEC Letter Printed
040413000447AM16 18-05-2015 HAMSEE EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000229AM16 29-04-2015 HANIF EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000453AM16 19-05-2015 HARI TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000194AM16 27-04-2015 HARI VENTURES IEC Letter Printed
040413000644AM16 02-06-2015 HARISUDHA ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000669AM16 02-06-2015 HARSAN EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000096AM16 20-04-2015 HARSHI TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000617AM16 01-06-2015 HASINI TRADING COMPANY File Number Generated
040413000449AM16 18-05-2015 HEART CARE CENTRE IEC Letter Printed
040413000662AM16 02-06-2015 HEAVEN ON OCEAN TOURISM P LTD File Number Generated
040413000105AM16 20-04-2015 HEIFER HIDES IEC Letter Printed
040413000469AM16 20-05-2015 HEMKAR INSTRUMENTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000484AM16 21-05-2015 HERMES INTERNATIONAL Application Cancelled
040413000485AM16 21-05-2015 HERMES INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000426AM16 15-05-2015 HI TRANS SERVICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000188AM16 24-04-2015 HIM INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PVT LTD Application Cancelled
040413000217AM16 28-04-2015 HIM INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000186AM16 24-04-2015 HINDUSTAN DELIVERIES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000466AM16 20-05-2015 HIRSEL NUTRITION PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000575AM16 28-05-2015 HOME DECORS IEC Letter Printed
040413000693AM16 03-06-2015 HYDRO HEAVY EQUIPMENTS AND SPARES File Number Generated
040413000032AM16 10-04-2015 I.K. ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000307AM16 06-05-2015 I2 DISTRIBUTION File Number Generated
040413000308AM16 06-05-2015 I2 DISTRIBUTION IEC Letter Printed
040413000057AM16 15-04-2015 IDEAL INNOVATIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000022AM16 09-04-2015 IKOS GAIA INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED Application Cancelled
040413000023AM16 09-04-2015 IKOS GAIA INFRA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000012AM16 08-04-2015 IMAGINATION PROMOTERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000326AM16 07-05-2015 IMPERATOR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000227AM16 29-04-2015 INCON EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000182AM16 24-04-2015 INDI FRESH FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000616AM16 01-06-2015 INDIRA AGENCIES File Number Generated
040413000243AM16 30-04-2015 INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000512AM16 25-05-2015 INVENTEC MANUFACTURING(INDIA)PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000305AM16 06-05-2015 JADE CREATIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000352AM16 08-05-2015 JAI BALAJI CAR CARE IEC Letter Printed
040413000452AM16 19-05-2015 JAI EXPORTS & IMPORTS File Number Generated
040413000061AM16 16-04-2015 JAI SPORTS AND GAMES Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000017AM16 08-04-2015 JAIHO ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000622AM16 01-06-2015 JALARAM WOOD WORKS File Number Generated
040413000661AM16 02-06-2015 JAM ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000598AM16 29-05-2015 JAMBO EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000268AM16 01-05-2015 JANVAR ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000236AM16 30-04-2015 JAY GEE EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000668AM16 02-06-2015 JAYAPRAKASH STORES File Number Generated
040413000528AM16 25-05-2015 JAYASHREE & CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000357AM16 08-05-2015 JC JEANSCORP PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000294AM16 06-05-2015 JEEVA GRB EXPORTS, IEC Letter Printed
040413000314AM16 06-05-2015 JKB EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000049AM16 13-04-2015 JKSR EXPORTS Application Cancelled
040413000024AM16 09-04-2015 JMB MOTORS IEC Letter Printed
040413000310AM16 06-05-2015 JMC EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000545AM16 26-05-2015 JOHN AIROMIX IEC Letter Printed
040413000488AM16 21-05-2015 JOTHI TRADING CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000490AM16 21-05-2015 K V SANTHANAKRISHNAN IEC Letter Printed
040413000475AM16 20-05-2015 K PRODUCTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000521AM16 25-05-2015 K.J.S GLOBAL TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000216AM16 28-04-2015 K7 ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000246AM16 30-04-2015 KAIRALI HERBS & SPICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000676AM16 03-06-2015 KAPOOR ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000397AM16 13-05-2015 KARUNYA OVERSEAS IEC Letter Printed
040413000361AM16 08-05-2015 KASTHURI TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000379AM16 12-05-2015 KAVIYAN SCIENCE PACK PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000136AM16 22-04-2015 KES IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000405AM16 13-05-2015 KGK CONGLOMERATE IEC Letter Printed
040413000424AM16 15-05-2015 KRENEN EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000465AM16 19-05-2015 KRIISH IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000652AM16 02-06-2015 KRISTAL ABRANSIVES File Number Generated
040413000536AM16 26-05-2015 KRIVIN EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000653AM16 02-06-2015 KRS IMPORTS & EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000131AM16 22-04-2015 KUMAR PATTERN WORKS IEC Letter Printed
040413000654AM16 02-06-2015 KUMBHA AGENCIES File Number Generated
040413000467AM16 20-05-2015 KVR EXPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000438AM16 18-05-2015 L & L EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000117AM16 21-04-2015 L.K. ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000232AM16 29-04-2015 LABONI COLLECTION IEC Letter Printed
040413000289AM16 05-05-2015 LAKSHANA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000281AM16 05-05-2015 LAKSHMI RANGA ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000228AM16 29-04-2015 LASSEN PRECISION COMPONENTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000550AM16 26-05-2015 LEBARA FOUNDATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000607AM16 01-06-2015 LEENAS CARE File Number Generated
040413000146AM16 23-04-2015 LIFE LINE SAEFETY SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000444AM16 18-05-2015 LU LU INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000235AM16 30-04-2015 M P JEEVI EXPORT Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000504AM16 22-05-2015 M S ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000569AM16 27-05-2015 M S SIVASAMY NADAR File Number Generated
040413000205AM16 27-04-2015 M.A.M TUBES AND PIPES INDUSTRIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000580AM16 28-05-2015 M.C. PRIYA AGENCIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000417AM16 14-05-2015 M.G. EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000365AM16 11-05-2015 M.S. ENTERPRISE IEC Letter Printed
040413000119AM16 21-04-2015 M/S BUV EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000120AM16 21-04-2015 M/S CHENNAI LEATHER EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000123AM16 21-04-2015 M/S SHAMITHA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000200AM16 27-04-2015 MAARS EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000052AM16 15-04-2015 MAGALIR ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000139AM16 22-04-2015 MAGIC ASIA Rejection Letter Printed
040413000138AM16 22-04-2015 MAHAVEER ENTERPRISE IEC Letter Printed
040413000286AM16 05-05-2015 MARA EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000290AM16 05-05-2015 MARANATHA IMPORT & EXPORT IEC Letter Printed
040413000257AM16 30-04-2015 MASHA ALLAH IEC Letter Printed
040413000440AM16 18-05-2015 MATHA COMMUNICATIONS File Number Generated
040413000422AM16 14-05-2015 MATRIX LABS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000275AM16 05-05-2015 MAXSERV ENGINEERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000075AM16 16-04-2015 MAXTONE TRADE AGENCY IEC Letter Printed
040413000277AM16 05-05-2015 MAYA ENTERPRISES Application Cancelled
040413000278AM16 05-05-2015 MAYA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000113AM16 21-04-2015 MAYFAIR TRADING IEC Letter Printed
040413000367AM16 11-05-2015 MCRAY INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000480AM16 20-05-2015 MEMORABLE MERCHANDISE IEC Letter Printed
040413000114AM16 21-04-2015 METRO ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000040AM16 13-04-2015 MICRO ART AGENCY IEC Letter Printed
040413000154AM16 23-04-2015 MICRO TECHNIKS Application Cancelled
040413000145AM16 23-04-2015 MICROFLOW STERILE CONCEPTS INDIA P. LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000334AM16 07-05-2015 MIDAS FLOOR IEC Letter Printed
040413000039AM16 13-04-2015 MITHA TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000613AM16 01-06-2015 MKA TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000214AM16 28-04-2015 MKL EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000611AM16 01-06-2015 MLA TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000369AM16 11-05-2015 MOHIDEEN ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000460AM16 19-05-2015 MONDO GRANITES IEC Letter Printed
040413000376AM16 12-05-2015 MORAS CHEMICALS INDIA PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000158AM16 23-04-2015 MRC IMPORTS & EXPORTS Data Modified
040413000605AM16 01-06-2015 MRK EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000402AM16 13-05-2015 MSK GLOBAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000609AM16 01-06-2015 MUTHU POWER SYSTEMS METTUR File Number Generated
040413000317AM16 06-05-2015 MUTHU PRINT PACKS File Number Generated
040413000320AM16 07-05-2015 MUYARC GLOBAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000535AM16 26-05-2015 MVB TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000674AM16 02-06-2015 N AND D EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000416AM16 14-05-2015 N P ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000583AM16 29-05-2015 N. SUNDARAM File Number Generated
040413000221AM16 28-04-2015 NACHAMMAL ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000162AM16 23-04-2015 NALAM EXPORTS & IMPORT Application Cancelled
040413000134AM16 22-04-2015 NAMO ENGINEERING IEC Letter Printed
040413000110AM16 20-04-2015 NANOHB 8 INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000109AM16 20-04-2015 NANOHBS & INTERNATIONAL Application Cancelled
040413000283AM16 05-05-2015 NARMATHA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000016AM16 08-04-2015 NAVA SYNACTIC RESOURCES Application Cancelled
040413000269AM16 01-05-2015 NAVACON PLASTO METAL PRODUCTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000589AM16 29-05-2015 NEELA AGROS EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000684AM16 03-06-2015 NEMINATH WOOD INDUSTRY File Number Generated
040413000311AM16 06-05-2015 NEW HOUSE TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000291AM16 05-05-2015 NEW VALAR TRADERS EXPORT & IMPORTER IEC Letter Printed
040413000051AM16 15-04-2015 NEW WORLD UNIVERSAL EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000430AM16 15-05-2015 NIBBLE LIFE SCIENCES IEC Letter Printed
040413000395AM16 13-05-2015 NITHIN SADANAND IEC Letter Printed
040413000552AM16 26-05-2015 NMG TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000124AM16 21-04-2015 NOAH TECHNOLOGIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000621AM16 01-06-2015 NOBLE PLASTO INDUSTRIES File Number Generated
040413000237AM16 30-04-2015 NOIEL MARINE EXPORTS Rejection Letter Printed
040413000562AM16 27-05-2015 NORTON GASKETS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000112AM16 21-04-2015 NOVATEK GREEN BUILDING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000152AM16 23-04-2015 NRSS ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000381AM16 12-05-2015 NUTRICON BIOSCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000181AM16 24-04-2015 O S ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000603AM16 01-06-2015 OLYMPIA IMPEX PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000300AM16 06-05-2015 OM SAKTHI INDUSTRIES File Number Generated
040413000301AM16 06-05-2015 OM SAKTHI INDUSTRIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000507AM16 22-05-2015 OMVI INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000222AM16 28-04-2015 ORGO AGRO IEC Letter Printed
040413000403AM16 13-05-2015 P. KUMAR IEC Letter Printed
040413000149AM16 23-04-2015 PACIFIC INTERNATIONL IEC Letter Printed
040413000688AM16 03-06-2015 PARAS WIRES File Number Generated
040413000511AM16 25-05-2015 PART ENGINEERING WORKS IEC Letter Printed
040413000501AM16 22-05-2015 PEARLS EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000273AM16 05-05-2015 PERFICIENT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000244AM16 30-04-2015 PERFICIENT INDIA PVT LTD Application Cancelled
040413000245AM16 30-04-2015 PERFICIENT INDIA PVT LTD Application Cancelled
040413000220AM16 28-04-2015 PERFICIENT INDIA PVT LTD Application Cancelled
040413000168AM16 23-04-2015 PHOENIX MODULAR IEC Letter Printed
040413000358AM16 08-05-2015 PLY ORGANICS CORPORATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000586AM16 29-05-2015 PRABHA GLOBAL EXPO File Number Generated
040413000685AM16 03-06-2015 PRADIP SOLUTIONS (I) PVT LTD Application Cancelled
040413000463AM16 19-05-2015 PRANOW EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000633AM16 01-06-2015 PRASAN EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000630AM16 01-06-2015 PRASAN EXPORTS Application Cancelled
040413000462AM16 19-05-2015 PRAVEEN NDT INSTRUMENTS & SERVICES PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000363AM16 11-05-2015 PREETHI EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000503AM16 22-05-2015 PREMIER SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000565AM16 27-05-2015 PREMIUM KITCHENS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000287AM16 05-05-2015 PRIDE TECHNOLOGIES Data Modified
040413000372AM16 11-05-2015 PROZINI ENTERPRISES LLP IEC Letter Printed
040413000398AM16 13-05-2015 PS EXPORTS & IMPORTS File Number Generated
040413000093AM16 20-04-2015 PSR STEELS IEC Letter Printed
040413000076AM16 16-04-2015 QUALITY INTERNATIONAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000104AM16 20-04-2015 QUEST INTERNATIONAL TRADING IEC Letter Printed
040413000538AM16 26-05-2015 R.D. ENTEPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000421AM16 14-05-2015 R.KARUNAKARAN IEC Letter Printed
040413000280AM16 05-05-2015 R.R. IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000065AM16 16-04-2015 R.S. FRONTLINE EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000156AM16 23-04-2015 RADIANCE TECHNOPLAST PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000240AM16 30-04-2015 RAINTREE IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000675AM16 02-06-2015 RAISE LEATHER WORKS File Number Generated
040413000663AM16 02-06-2015 RAISE LEATHER WORKS File Number Generated
040413000392AM16 13-05-2015 RAJ ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000045AM16 13-04-2015 RAJ V GOPALAN Application Cancelled
040413000615AM16 01-06-2015 RAJA INTERNATIONAL File Number Generated
040413000241AM16 30-04-2015 RAJALAKSHMI AGENCIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000078AM16 16-04-2015 RAJANI GIRISHKUMAR Application Cancelled
040413000080AM16 16-04-2015 RAJANI GIRISHKUMAR IEC Letter Printed
040413000064AM16 16-04-2015 RAJENDRA DISTRIBUTORS IEC Letter Printed
040413000041AM16 13-04-2015 RAJGURU TRADELINK Rejection Letter Printed
040413000374AM16 12-05-2015 RAMESH VISWAMBAL Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000437AM16 18-05-2015 RANTEC TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000686AM16 03-06-2015 RAPID SOLUTIONS (I) PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000007AM16 07-04-2015 RAVIKUMAR.M Rejection Letter Printed
040413000483AM16 21-05-2015 RAYCE ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE INDIA PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000593AM16 29-05-2015 RBA LIGHTING LAB File Number Generated
040413000225AM16 29-04-2015 REACH TANNERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000066AM16 16-04-2015 REALITY TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000336AM16 07-05-2015 RENOVA ENERTECH PVT LTD., IEC Letter Printed
040413000342AM16 08-05-2015 RESO AGRO PRODUCTS PRIVATE IEC Letter Printed
040413000471AM16 20-05-2015 RETECH IEC Letter Printed
040413000567AM16 27-05-2015 REVOLUTION IEC Letter Printed
040413000648AM16 02-06-2015 REX AQUA NO.7 File Number Generated
040413000496AM16 21-05-2015 RIGHTLINE ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000489AM16 21-05-2015 RIM ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000486AM16 21-05-2015 RISHWA ENGINEERING AND RENTALS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000474AM16 20-05-2015 RK ENGINEERING IEC Letter Printed
040413000187AM16 24-04-2015 RKP POLYBAGS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000147AM16 23-04-2015 RKR ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000664AM16 02-06-2015 RMP UNITED GROUPS File Number Generated
040413000083AM16 17-04-2015 ROMITHA INDUSTRY IEC Letter Printed
040413000015AM16 08-04-2015 ROVA MARINE, Application Cancelled
040413000495AM16 21-05-2015 ROYAL AIRCON IEC Letter Printed
040413000339AM16 08-05-2015 RR SUDHA AGENCIES PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000210AM16 28-04-2015 RS WORLD EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000481AM16 21-05-2015 RST WORLD IEC Letter Printed
040413000624AM16 01-06-2015 RUBINE SARAN ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000639AM16 02-06-2015 RUDRAS BREEDERS File Number Generated
040413000299AM16 06-05-2015 RUNNING LAB SPORTING PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000393AM16 13-05-2015 RUSS IEC Letter Printed
040413000018AM16 09-04-2015 RYAAN IMPEX Deficiency Prepared
040413000517AM16 25-05-2015 S R T WORKSHOP` IEC Letter Printed
040413000034AM16 10-04-2015 S S ENTERPRISE IEC Letter Printed
040413000543AM16 26-05-2015 S.A. CRAFTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000670AM16 02-06-2015 S.D. EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000155AM16 23-04-2015 S.D.ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000026AM16 09-04-2015 S.M. IMPEX IMPORT & EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000233AM16 29-04-2015 S.N. TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000211AM16 28-04-2015 S.R. EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000249AM16 30-04-2015 S.R. IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000442AM16 18-05-2015 S.R. SRINIVASA KANNAN File Number Generated
040413000530AM16 26-05-2015 S.R.T.P ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000641AM16 02-06-2015 S.S. EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000479AM16 20-05-2015 S.S.R TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000604AM16 01-06-2015 SAHA ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000292AM16 05-05-2015 SAI BLUE TRADING AND CO IEC Letter Printed
040413000004AM16 06-04-2015 SAI EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000272AM16 05-05-2015 SAI HASHINI EXPORTERS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000053AM16 15-04-2015 SAI MAHANTAA IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000190AM16 24-04-2015 SAI SATISH IEC Letter Printed
040413000468AM16 20-05-2015 SAI VISHAKA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000476AM16 20-05-2015 SAKI OVERSEAS IEC Letter Printed
040413000239AM16 30-04-2015 SAKTHI TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000189AM16 24-04-2015 SAKTHI VEERA GREEN ENERGY PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000519AM16 25-05-2015 SAMAYAPURAM ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000345AM16 08-05-2015 SANITAS ENVIRO PERFORMANCE FITNESS P. LTD. IEC Letter Printed
040413000564AM16 27-05-2015 SANMUGA TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000537AM16 26-05-2015 SARAN ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000533AM16 26-05-2015 SARANGAM GREENS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000407AM16 14-05-2015 SARATH LOGISTICS PVT. LYD. IEC Letter Printed
040413000585AM16 29-05-2015 SARO File Number Generated
040413000457AM16 19-05-2015 SASHTI IMPORT AND EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000619AM16 01-06-2015 SASTHA ENGINEERING SERVICES File Number Generated
040413000427AM16 15-05-2015 SASTHA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000247AM16 30-04-2015 SATHYA TRADERS Data Modified
040413000178AM16 24-04-2015 SATHYAM IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000606AM16 01-06-2015 SATWAVE SYSTEMS File Number Generated
040413000647AM16 02-06-2015 SAYAR JEWELLERY File Number Generated
040413000169AM16 23-04-2015 SAYEE LEATHERS ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED Data Modified
040413000356AM16 08-05-2015 SB AGRO EXPORT File Number Generated
040413000658AM16 02-06-2015 SCENT LOGISTICS EXIM File Number Generated
040413000432AM16 15-05-2015 SEAWAY EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000414AM16 14-05-2015 SEI CLEANTECH PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000209AM16 28-04-2015 SENTHAMIL NATURAL EXPORTERS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000125AM16 21-04-2015 SGS MARKETINGS IEC Letter Printed
040413000180AM16 24-04-2015 SHA SIVADANMULL KHEEMCHAND IEC Letter Printed
040413000163AM16 23-04-2015 SHAAM IMPEX Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000441AM16 18-05-2015 SHAAMS IMPEX Application Cancelled
040413000160AM16 23-04-2015 SHAGEE ENTERPRISES Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000509AM16 22-05-2015 SHAM AND UMA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000626AM16 01-06-2015 SHANGHAI INDIAN ELEVATORS PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000238AM16 30-04-2015 SHANKAR EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000404AM16 13-05-2015 SHANTHA SILVER WARES IEC Letter Printed
040413000382AM16 12-05-2015 SHANTHI POLYMERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000625AM16 01-06-2015 SHASTRA CARDS PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000005AM16 06-04-2015 SHENG LONG BIO-TECH INDIA PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000185AM16 24-04-2015 SHINE IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000132AM16 22-04-2015 SHIV SHAKTI IMPEX Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000215AM16 28-04-2015 SHOOTER FOR COMPUTER INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000175AM16 24-04-2015 SHREE GATHANI TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000183AM16 24-04-2015 SHREE HARI UNIVERSAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000303AM16 06-05-2015 SHREE MEDICAL SYSTEMS IEC Letter Printed
040413000388AM16 12-05-2015 SHREE VIGNESHKUMAR ELECTRICALS IEC Letter Printed
040413000360AM16 08-05-2015 SHRI DEVI PARK PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000164AM16 23-04-2015 SHRI RAMAJAYAM SERVICES Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000506AM16 22-05-2015 SHRI SAIEASWARA TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000013AM16 08-04-2015 SHRIRAM INDUSTRIAL BEARINGS IEC Letter Printed
040413000331AM16 07-05-2015 SIDDHARTHA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000649AM16 02-06-2015 SILVERBOAT TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000672AM16 02-06-2015 SISA FARMS File Number Generated
040413000191AM16 24-04-2015 SKIES IND ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000173AM16 24-04-2015 SKR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000025AM16 09-04-2015 SKY BLOOM EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000079AM16 16-04-2015 SKY WINGS EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000315AM16 06-05-2015 SKYHAWK SYSTEMS IEC Letter Printed
040413000010AM16 08-04-2015 SKYNET AUTOMATION Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000223AM16 28-04-2015 SKYNET AUTOMATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000635AM16 01-06-2015 SLINDO PHARMA PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000614AM16 01-06-2015 SLR CHENNAI TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000196AM16 27-04-2015 SM JAYCHINA GLOBAL File Number Generated
040413000197AM16 27-04-2015 SM JAYCHINA GLOBAL IEC Letter Printed
040413000431AM16 15-05-2015 SMILEY MONROE RUBBER AND ALLIED PRODUCTS (I) P. LT File Number Generated
040413000695AM16 03-06-2015 SMROOVANTH EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000651AM16 02-06-2015 SMS INTERNATIONAL File Number Generated
040413000135AM16 22-04-2015 SNPL OVERSEAS IEC Letter Printed
040413000038AM16 13-04-2015 SOLEIL IEC Letter Printed
040413000048AM16 13-04-2015 SOLO ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000343AM16 08-05-2015 SOMA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000646AM16 02-06-2015 SP INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE CO File Number Generated
040413000520AM16 25-05-2015 SP TECH ENGINEERING PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000264AM16 01-05-2015 SREE BHARATH EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000650AM16 02-06-2015 SREE GANGAA AQUA ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000297AM16 06-05-2015 SREE UMA SAI EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000541AM16 26-05-2015 SRI ADINATH SPICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000091AM16 17-04-2015 SRI ADINATH TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000231AM16 29-04-2015 SRI BALAJI ARIESS ENTERPRISES Data Modified
040413000540AM16 26-05-2015 SRI BALAJI ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000344AM16 08-05-2015 SRI CHAMUNDA HOME APPLIANCES Data Modified
040413000409AM16 14-05-2015 SRI CHENCHERI MINERALS IEC Letter Printed
040413000094AM16 20-04-2015 SRI INTERNATIONAL Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000634AM16 01-06-2015 SRI JAIGANESH TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000632AM16 01-06-2015 SRI JAYALAKSHMI TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000171AM16 24-04-2015 SRI KANNIKA PARAMESWARI MODERN RICE MILL Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000415AM16 14-05-2015 SRI KUMARAN IEC Letter Printed
040413000054AM16 15-04-2015 SRI MAHALAKSHMI SWEETS & SNACKS INDUSTRIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000279AM16 05-05-2015 SRI MASS TECH IEC Letter Printed
040413000689AM16 03-06-2015 SRI MISSHRI INTERNATIONAL File Number Generated
040413000375AM16 12-05-2015 SRI PARVATHAM EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000560AM16 27-05-2015 SRI PRANAV TECH File Number Generated
040413000258AM16 01-05-2015 SRI SAI BABA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000391AM16 13-05-2015 SRI SAI IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000433AM16 15-05-2015 SRI SAI SAKTHI ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000350AM16 08-05-2015 SRI SASTHA AGENCY, IEC Letter Printed
040413000571AM16 28-05-2015 SRI SENTHIL ANDAVAR EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000362AM16 11-05-2015 SRI SUNRISE EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000464AM16 19-05-2015 SRI SUPREME BUILDERS & IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000418AM16 14-05-2015 SRI VIGNESHSAI IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000059AM16 15-04-2015 SRINIDHI EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000579AM16 28-05-2015 SSAUD ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000033AM16 10-04-2015 STAR ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000655AM16 02-06-2015 STASH WEAR PRIVATE LIMITED File Number Generated
040413000608AM16 01-06-2015 STAVYA SOLUTIONS File Number Generated
040413000618AM16 01-06-2015 STELLAR PLASTICS(INDIA) PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000645AM16 02-06-2015 STONART CREATION LLP File Number Generated
040413000371AM16 11-05-2015 STRATEGIC SOURCING SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000678AM16 03-06-2015 SUBRAHMANYESWARA TRADERS File Number Generated
040413000306AM16 06-05-2015 SUN ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000455AM16 19-05-2015 SUNIX CHEM PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000316AM16 06-05-2015 SUNSEA IMPEX Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000348AM16 08-05-2015 SUNSHINE LINK TRADING COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000435AM16 15-05-2015 SUNSHINE TRADING COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000594AM16 29-05-2015 SUPADHAM AGRO FOODS & ENTERPRISES PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000494AM16 21-05-2015 SUPER GOODS TRADING IEC Letter Printed
040413000681AM16 03-06-2015 SUPER MASS EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000620AM16 01-06-2015 SURAJ EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000128AM16 22-04-2015 SURESH Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000591AM16 29-05-2015 SURGI WORLD File Number Generated
040413000325AM16 07-05-2015 SUSTAINABLE PROTEIN FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000346AM16 08-05-2015 SYS INCORPORATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000553AM16 26-05-2015 TABLETS ( INDIA ) LIMITED, Application Cancelled
040413000386AM16 12-05-2015 TAJ GARMENTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000270AM16 01-05-2015 TAMARAI FURNITURE PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000349AM16 08-05-2015 TANU EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000261AM16 01-05-2015 TARAM IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000256AM16 30-04-2015 TAURUS CONVEYOR COMPANY IEC Letter Printed
040413000150AM16 23-04-2015 TEE JEE CORPORATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000047AM16 13-04-2015 THAI ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000330AM16 07-05-2015 THAI MOOGAMBIGAI TRADERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000513AM16 25-05-2015 THE POSTBOX IEC Letter Printed
040413000111AM16 21-04-2015 THE SOCIETY OF SACRED HEART COLLEGE Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000208AM16 28-04-2015 THEJES EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000161AM16 23-04-2015 THIRUKAZUKUNDRAM EXPORT Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000129AM16 22-04-2015 THIRUKKURALEE GROUP OF ORGANIZATION Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000014AM16 08-04-2015 THIRUPATHI EXPORTER AND IMPORTEER IEC Letter Printed
040413000566AM16 27-05-2015 THIYA EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000068AM16 16-04-2015 TI TSUBAMEX PRIVATE LIMITED IEC Letter Printed
040413000067AM16 16-04-2015 TI TSUBAMEX PRIVATE LTD Application Cancelled
040413000060AM16 15-04-2015 TIDAL IMPORTS AND EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000058AM16 15-04-2015 TIDAL IMPORTS AND EXPORTS Application Cancelled
040413000377AM16 12-05-2015 TIRUPATHI EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000263AM16 01-05-2015 TOTAL SOLUTIONS IEC Letter Printed
040413000157AM16 23-04-2015 TOUCH WIZAAD TECHNOLOGIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000576AM16 28-05-2015 TRUST MARKETING IEC Letter Printed
040413000410AM16 14-05-2015 TRUSTFUL OVERSEAS TRADER IEC Letter Printed
040413000482AM16 21-05-2015 TS TRADING CORPORATION File Number Generated
040413000029AM16 10-04-2015 TULSYAN SMELTERS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000055AM16 15-04-2015 U S ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000498AM16 22-05-2015 UDHAYAM MARKETING SERVICES IEC Letter Printed
040413000027AM16 09-04-2015 UNIQUE GEMS AND JEWELS IEC Letter Printed
040413000487AM16 21-05-2015 UNIQUE STEEL IEC Letter Printed
040413000103AM16 20-04-2015 UNITECH ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000087AM16 17-04-2015 UNITED UNIVERSAL GRANITES IEC Letter Printed
040413000529AM16 26-05-2015 UNIVERS EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000544AM16 26-05-2015 UNIVERSAL MEDITECH INC IEC Letter Printed
040413000461AM16 19-05-2015 UNIVERSAL PROTEIN IEC Letter Printed
040413000028AM16 09-04-2015 UNIVERSE LIGHTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000601AM16 29-05-2015 UNIVERSUM SOFTWARE INDIA PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000493AM16 21-05-2015 UTC ULTRA TRADE CONNECT EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000472AM16 20-05-2015 V.K. ENTERPRISES File Number Generated
040413000473AM16 20-05-2015 V.K. ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000030AM16 10-04-2015 V.N.S EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000141AM16 22-04-2015 V.R. ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000192AM16 27-04-2015 V2WIN IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000429AM16 15-05-2015 VAB FLOWERS IEC Letter Printed
040413000637AM16 02-06-2015 VANDANA TISSUE PAPERS PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000638AM16 02-06-2015 VANDANA TISSUE PAPERS PVT LTD File Number Generated
040413000411AM16 14-05-2015 VARAPRADAA EXPORTS AND IMPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000458AM16 19-05-2015 VARDHAMAN ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000255AM16 30-04-2015 VARPER IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000198AM16 27-04-2015 VARTHAN TUBES IEC Letter Printed
040413000312AM16 06-05-2015 VEEVAA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000050AM16 15-04-2015 VEL VIN EXPORTS Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000581AM16 28-05-2015 VELAN ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000042AM16 13-04-2015 VENKATESHVAARA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000492AM16 21-05-2015 VENUS GLOBAL TRADING IEC Letter Printed
040413000420AM16 14-05-2015 VERIZON WORLD IEC Letter Printed
040413000092AM16 20-04-2015 VETRI ENGINEERING Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000250AM16 30-04-2015 VICHOOR BITUCHEMICALS IEC Letter Printed
040413000077AM16 16-04-2015 VIJAY TYRES IEC Letter Printed
040413000514AM16 25-05-2015 VIJAYA OVERSEAS IEC Letter Printed
040413000274AM16 05-05-2015 VIJAYAKRISHNA AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES IEC Letter Printed
040413000248AM16 30-04-2015 VIJAYALAKSHMI IMPEX IEC Letter Printed
040413000288AM16 05-05-2015 VINWARES IEC Letter Printed
040413000643AM16 02-06-2015 VISISTA MOLDS & TOOLS File Number Generated
040413000573AM16 28-05-2015 VISUAL EDUCATION IEC Letter Printed
040413000090AM16 17-04-2015 VK DIGITAL NETWORK PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000400AM16 13-05-2015 VNET INDIA ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000127AM16 21-04-2015 VPN EXPORTS IEC Letter Printed
040413000406AM16 14-05-2015 VPRA OVERSEAS IEC Letter Printed
040413000673AM16 02-06-2015 VS EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000551AM16 26-05-2015 WELCARE HEALTH SYSTEMS PVT LTD IEC Letter Printed
040413000558AM16 27-05-2015 WHITE GATE FOOD PRODUCTS File Number Generated
040413000574AM16 28-05-2015 WHITE GOLD EXIM IEC Letter Printed
040413000165AM16 23-04-2015 WILDERNESS EXPLORERS ACADEMY PRIVATE LTD. Data Modified
040413000413AM16 14-05-2015 WIND MILL APPARELS IEC Letter Printed
040413000590AM16 29-05-2015 WOOD STORK EXPORTS File Number Generated
040413000439AM16 18-05-2015 X ARULANANDU LAWRENCE File Number Generated
040413000677AM16 03-06-2015 YALEE INC File Number Generated
040413000137AM16 22-04-2015 YAZHINI ENTERPRISES IEC Letter Printed
040413000130AM16 22-04-2015 YEKO ENTERPRISES PVT LTD Deficiency Letter Printed
040413000525AM16 25-05-2015 ZEN DIAMOND TOOLS IEC Letter Printed
040413000451AM16 18-05-2015 ZERUBBABEL IMPEX IEC Letter Printed